Bodyworks Nigeria

Bodyworks Nigeria is a Wellness organisation that supports individuals and organizations in achieving their wellness and productivity goals through Wellness coaching,  Nutrition, Movement (Personal & Group training), and Curated workshops and events.


Our Journey so far

Bodyworks Nigeria has been growing steadily over the years since, we first opened our doors in 2006 as a Female only studio in Lekki, Lagos. Our focus was primarily  women’s fitness and wellness as a whole.

Over the last few years, we have observed a sudden increase in serious medical conditions like high blood pressure, cancer as well as autoimmune diseases like arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and lupus in our clients. Our research reveals that these conditions are linked to high levels of toxicity in the body caused by dietary/nutritional, environmental and mental stresses.

Our response to this was, to expand our service offering, to incorporate more wellness based healthcare solutions and approaches.

As human life evolves and becomes more complex, the conventional medical approaches to health care are no longer sufficient as treatment pathways for patients. The approach of treating ‘symptoms’ rather than identifying root causes has now resulted in a rise in new ailments and complications in patients.

At Bodyworks, we are advocates for a wellness approach to healthcare. This approach facilitates and supports the bodys’ healing and re-balancing itself. Many health practitioners are already embracing a more holistic approach to treatment and Bodyworks is fully prepared to embrace that approach.

How a change of lifestyle helps the body heal

Personal Services

Our services are unique. Programmes that are tailored to restore the natural balance to each client enabling optimal productivity. This includes:

Wellness Coaching

Regular sessions that equip you with support and accountability.

Nutritional support

Personalised meal plans based on your body type and lifestyle. Foods that are non inflammatory to your body.


Community workshops on various topics and facilitated by our coaches and local community wellness experts.

Bodyworks services are provided in collaboration with partners who share our values and who are experts in their respective fields. We are all passionate about helping our clients towards their journey of restoration and wholeness

Movement programs

Our movement and fitness programmes are based on your needs and goals. We start with a  postural analysis and incorporate low impact exercises. Whatever your goal, our speciality programmes will include postural and muscular realignment.

Our trainers are experienced in Pilates, Stretch & Flexibility training, Strength training, Body sculpting and Dance (cardio) .

Workplace Wellness Solutions

Your workforce is not as healthy and productive as it could and should be!

  • On average, Nigerians especially those living in Lagos spend more than one-third of their day, in a sedentary position. Either driving to and from work or sitting at a desk. At five days a week in the office, that adds up to a lot of sitting!
  • With a high proportion of workers spending as much as 6 hours a day in traffic getting to and from work, most  individuals are physically, mentally and emotionally disengaged by the time they arrive at work or home.
  • The corporate setting is typically a high pressure environment- mentally and emotionally. At the same time it is rarely physically engaging. The consequence of this is that the energy levels of individuals do not have the opportunity to oscillate and renew.
  • The cost of this lifestyle has contributed to the increase in the occurrences of depression, arthritis and diabetes in Nigeria . Nearly two-thirds of Nigerians are overweight or living with high blood pressure, which doubles the risk of heart disease, stroke and other lifestyle diseases.

Our Workplace Solutions

Wellness & lifestyle workshops

( monthly, fortnightly or quarterly)- Topics include wellness focus, fitness – getting started. Stress management, healthy eating at work including meal options. Emotional wellness, improving quality of sleep and improving concentration. These modules can be customised to fit your time constraints. We can run half day, full day or lunch-time sessions.

Workplace fitness sessions

whether you want to feel the burn or just want to ease out the kinks, our dance, strength, cardio or stretch classes are just what you need. A couple of sessions a week with one of our great fitness instructors will have you feeling energetic and refreshed.

Coordination of wellness events

if you would like to put together health days, challenges and team building events, we can help with the planning and execution of that.

Group and individual coaching programmes

We have an experienced cohort of life coaches, fitness trainers, physiotherapists and counselors, who can help with a wide range of wellness issues.

Wellness risk assessments

In order to be able to measure progress accurately, there are a number of baseline tests that will need to be carried out. We are experienced at being able to carry out biometrics, body fat, blood pressure, stress and wellness risk assessments.

The Benefits

For Management:

  • Fit and healthy staff are happier and more productive;
  • A non financial incentive for old and new employees;
  • Improves staff morale and productivity;
  • Reduces direct and indirect healthcare costs by decreasing the rates of illness and injuries
  • Enhanced corporate image.

For Staff:

  • Increased sense of well-being, self-image and self-esteem;
  • Improved coping skills with stress or other factors affecting health;
  • Improved health status, lower costs for acute health issues
  • Improved job satisfaction.

Staying well is cheaper than getting well…



Some of our clients

Over the years we have worked with several organizations, bringing our brand of fun, movement and expertise to their otherwise cerebral environment.  Some of our satisfied clients include;